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The brand story


Mani & Mae is a new clothing brand created by two fashion-passionate youths in 2016, it reached the market in 2017. 

Mani & Mae 是由两位醉心时尚的年轻女性共同创立的服装品牌,诞生于2016年,在2017下半年推出市场。

The initial designing idea is to blend the beauty of Eastern and Western styles with unique design inspirations, seeking to create a brand new fashion icon. 

Mani & Mae 名字来源于这两位来自不同国家(China & Australia )的年轻女性Mani和Mae,她们的初衷是将东西方女性风格各异的美融合在一起,加上不同的设计理念,碰撞形成一种新的引领时尚的美。

Mani and Mae are good friends for a long time. Mani was born in China and came to Australia to pursue her fashion dream in her young age. Mae, who’s locally born and raised also has the same dream. They both seek to extract the finest elements in their own culture and combine them to create a new trend. Now they are introducing this new trend to the world.


The brand positioning


The target customers are range from age 18 to 35, female. Mani & Mae will fulfil the fashion need of your daily life, work cloths and party dress etc. 


The brand image


“The Asian European style”

After Mani & Mae study and understand the market dynamics and the need of target audience, using the Asian European Style idea to blend the Asian-implicit elegance and European-Fiery and unrestrained sexy look together, crafted and fused an unique style from East and West, perfectly perform the detail of tailed beauty of feminism. 

打造亚系欧美风。Mani & Mae 在深刻了解市场动态以及主要女性消费群体的需求后确立,以亚系欧美风为核心,把亚洲含蓄内敛的优雅美与欧美火热奔放的性感美合二为一,巧妙地融合东西方特有的设计理念,让两者和谐结合为一体,完美演绎女性多方位的美。

Quality guarantee


To ensure the finest product quality, Mani & Mae assigned specialists to revisit and participate every step of production with our suppliers and partners aiming to bring the perfect fashion experience to every customer. 

Mani & Mae 为了保证产品质量,给每一位消费者带来最完美的体验,专人负责与所有供应商保持密切联系,定期探访,了解生产流程,检查产品质量,关注细节,保证输出。

All product are only using the fine materials and exquisite craftsmanship to guarantee the quality, giving the perfect fashion experience to our consumers. 

Mani & Mae 所有产品都是采用顶级材料以及精致工艺,保证质量,给消费者提供精致的着装体验。

“Not the Best, only the Better ”



Mani started her high school in Australia when she was 15, ending with top grade to enter university follow by Master degree in Sydney University.  


Mani is one of the students and later became friend to the Australia's queen of etiquette, Miss June Dally-Watkins. Mani was also invited to Dior’s privates banquet with other top brand designers in Milan while she travelling in Italy; Mani develops such a great sense in the industry with daily exposure of international fashion trend while she’s in Australia. 

Mani与世界礼仪皇后Miss Dally亦师亦友,出游意大利时受邀Dior米兰总部私人宴会接触国际顶端的品牌设计师,平时在澳洲与名媛出入各大品牌店尊享VIP,对于国际品牌的潮流趋势了如指掌。

Mani upholds and seizes all the opportunities and privileges with a great efforts pursue their dream to create a fashion brand blends the beauty of the East and the West.



Mae graduated from the most famous private school where she spent 14 years to study and was one of the top students, she earned a double degrees in Business and Marketing. Mae is now one of the young successful businesswomen in multiple areas.


Mani & Mae is another unique inspiration toward fashion as a high achieving lady in the new era. Plentiful experiences leads Mae to know better about life and now with her own outstanding taste of fashion. 

Mani & Mae 更是她作为一个新时代成功女性对时尚的另一番独特的灵感,丰富的经历让她更了解生活,有属于自己独特的审美风格。

The Asian European style











Mani & Mae 

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“Not the Best, only the Better ”



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